Why the review policy? 

We BISMIB FASHION, is an online based supplying service focused on providing safe and affordable fashion items globally. Our online products supplying service is helping lots of people around the world to get qualityful producs.

We need genuine reviews to help other customers to understand our service quality and feel trustworthy to get all kinds of products through our website. Now a days lots of fake products are found in many websites. Customers been confused. That’s why we’re practicing this review strategy to give genuine and appropriate info about our websites and products. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy people.

What information should you provide in order to give review.

In order to submit the review form, you need to provide us with mandatory information such as Your full name, Email address used for signing up to our website, rating and your valuable review’s comment. 

Restrictions on user review

We expect our customers to give us any honest feedback regarding their experience with our service. We try our best to provide you with the best service and we are not ashamed to take any constructive criticism you may have regarding our service in the review. So, we do not restrict our customers for only being able to give positive feedback about our service.

Where do we show your valuable review?

We display all our customer’s reviews in the product page and some selected reviews in testimonial section of our website. Be sure to check what other customers or patients think of our website to have a better idea about our services. In order to keep the identity of our customers private, we show their name, email address and phone number partially. And if any customer or patient want to know more details about any specific review of any product, then we may provide more details by getting permission from the reviewer. We’re practicing this review strategy to give genuine information to customers or patients to ensure standard service quality.

Manual addition of review

In cases we might ask patient or customer explicitly about their experience of service with our website or their opinion to write a review from our end based on their experience.